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We provide world-class professional consulting services to enterprises that seek advice for better inter- and intra-organizational collaboration. We assist them in the gradual shift towards the next generation of enterprises (so-called Enterprise 2.0), where employees are well-connected and can collaborate in an efficient manner. We also educate our clients on how our products and approaches can boost collaboration among professionals. To this end, we carry out webinars with a live demo of our tools. Please contact us for arranging any webinars or further information.


BSCW is a world-class online shared workspace for efficient group collaboration. BSCW is used by almost a million groupware users across the world. One of the Conterprise techniques that we presented to BSCW developer team members has been currently enabled within the BSCW platform for European CWE projects. This technique aims to boost collaboration among people, who work in large projects. Briefly, it enables people, who work in the same project, to annotate each other using professional project-related terms. Such annotations can later be used for finding required people with relevant expertise or roles.